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Privacy Policy

Privacy is very important to us at Grand Jaguar Tours. It is our commitment that we respect your privacy regarding information provided to us via our website, and other digital platforms we own and operate. Grand Jaguar Tours collects information needed to provide you with optimum service. To complete your reservations, we ordinarily ask for your name, phone number, address, email, credit card or other payment information and other personal identifiable information. We will retain this information for as long as it is effectual in providing you with quality service. Data that is stored will be protected within commercially acceptable means to prevent loss, left, unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, transmission, or other general usage. We will not share any personally identifying or sensitive information publicly or with third parties except when required by law On our website you will find laws to external content that we believe can inform you about the beauty and culture of Guatemala, however please be aware that we have no control over their data practices and cannot accept responsibility or liability for their respective privacy practices We intent to communicate with you individually prior to the start date of your tour in order to assist and prepare you for your adventure.
We also receive personal information from third parts. This includes from guests who are recommending Grand Jaguar Tours to their friends and family, as well as from data providers for the purpose of cooperative marketing. Any communication received from a cooperative marketing campaign can be voluntarily discontinued by following written directions to unsubscribe or by emailing [email protected]. In order to better assist our service, Grand Jaguar Tours may collect and retain details concerning visits to our website. The purpose of such collection is to analyze information pertaining to website traffic and activity. We will not use your IP address or website usage information for commercial activity, please email [email protected] should you have any questions or concerns.
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