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The heart of the mayan world

One of the most important centers of the Mayan empire, this is the ancient city in wich  a multitude of buildings such as temples, palaces, ceremonial platforms were built; currently many of them are still hidden by the large vegetation, others have been unearthed and restored. It is the largest archeological site in the country and surely one of the most impressive that can be visited in the world.

In our tour of Tikal we will visit the Great Plaza, where the Mayas performed their most important ceremonies. Important structures include the Temple of the Masks (Temple II) , Temple IV at 64 meters high and Temple V at 58 meters high, all of which can be climbed. There is also of course the main attraction the Great Jaguar Temple (Temple I) with its slender 47 meter facade that serves as a royal tomb. Out of reverence its sacred nature, visitors are prohibited from ascending the staircase, but rather observe from the observation deck of Temple II.

In a tour of approximately 4 hours you will be able to know and enjoy our cultural heritage.



Grand Jaguar Tours

Atitlan: Guatemala's crater lake surrounded by volcanoes

Panajachel is located at the shores of Lake Atitlán at 1500 meters above sea levels and due to the beauty of its landscapes, it’s one of the favorite tourist spots in Guatemala.

With over 50 square miles this lake is one of the biggest in central America and the only one surrounded by 12 Mayan towns, and 3 volcanoes (San Pedro la Laguna, Tolimán, and Atitlán)

We will take you to Santiago Atitlán, San Pedro y San Juan la Laguna to get to know the culture and the people living by the lake.



Grand Jaguar Tours

Travel through time
to the colonial period

Located 15 miles from Guatemala City, this majestic city has over 500 years of history, a pleasant year-round climate and a near 360 degree view of Fuego and Acatenango Volcanoes.

Antigua is a must-see when visiting Guatemala due to its Spanish Baroque Architecture and ruined cathedrals that will bring you to a different era while still maintaining modern comforts.

Notable sites include Merced Church, La Calle del Arco, Antigua Cathedral, Artisanal Market, interactive chocolate museum and Santa Catarina Convent.

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