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Guatemala known as the “Heart of the Mayan World” is a small country but very diverse. With 25 native languages, amazing volcanoes, cristal clear lakes, white and black sand beaches, breathtaking mountains and tropical jungles hiding incredible lost cities of the mayan civilization that will make bring out the explorer in you.

The country is also known as “The Land of Eternal Spring” due to it’s all year round amazing weather unlike countries with  very high temperatures during the summer and extreme cold weather Guatemala’s Temperature stays perfect guaranteeing the most amazing trip any time of the year

As is the case with the rest of Latin America, there are areas to avoid. However, all the destinations of your tour are completely safe. Only common sense is necessary to have a safe and enjoyable experience.

US, Canada, Mexico and UE allow the entrance without a Visa.

So don't worry. If you are a citizen of another country not listed above, please feel free to contact us.

We welcome all citizens of the world. We have Bilingual Guides to help ensure your ability to communicate properly.

YES!, just please avoid drinking tap water.

You will find purified water and bottled on all hotels, restaurants and Tours.

We recommend stocking on bottled water during our tours. (there are convenience stores everywhere)

8 days of unforgettable adventures, take this time to rest from your phone and social media  to enjoy the now!

Get out your comfort zone and explore Guatemala, allow your mind to expand to different culture, meet new people, become a better person by having a close encounter with yourself surrounded by nature and an amazing country.

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